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Many users are waiting for the final stable version 1.5 of Q2A. When can we download the final Version 1.5?

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Version 1.5 beta 2 should be released this week. I expect the final release will be within 2 weeks of that.
Thanks a lot gidgreen for your excellent work. So we should expect the final version before the end of January. It sounds good. Thanks again.
Gideon, you are just awesome!!! Neat work.
I have setup 1.4.3 one month ago and have 10 users and 10 questions. Can I update to 1.5 final? Do I have to do a fresh install and import data from the previous website? I am planning to create a custom theme and start promoting the website the following days, is it recommended to use the new version? or will the old one be more stable at the moment? Thanks!
Yes. I asked it as another question and a user answered me that its possible.
It is here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/11276/can-i-update-directly-to-1-5-final-version-from-1-4-3