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Why aren´t the questions I import via PhpMyAdmin visible on my site?  I exported the qa_posts table and edited the file using all the same fields and parameters.

I then imported the new questions csv file including the corresponding id, user id, category id, etc...

Then when I go to the Front End site they can´t be seen.  What am I missing to bring a new Question record up in the database?  Can this be done via PhPMyAdmin?

Thanks in advance.
Q2A version: 1.4.3
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I also want to import data from excel to qa_posts, just checking how can I do that...

I don;t see any field, which build url for the question

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Q2A has an indexer built in that catalogs every word from each post as it is made or edited. If you import content directly into the database then the indexing is not run.

The solution is to go to Admin > Stats, and click "Reindex posts". Note: if you have a lot of posts it can take many minutes to complete.