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Those numbers are not very high. But comparing views of my other questions I feel those are unusual.

Number of views of some questions of my site is increasing unusually day by day and number of hit count of my site is not increasing with that amount.

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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That's because the hit count of your site is taking into consideration many IP addresses and counting many refreshes as a single hit. Q2A only remembers one IP address (the last one in browsing a question) so if different users from different IP addresses visit the same question one after the other the view counter gets overrwriten and increased on each page refresh.
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I had this too in some of my posts. One got 30 000 views in one day. Now it is at 70 400 views.

The question I was asking there is about mathematics, how to calculate the prime factors from two given natural numbers.

I assume, this is a very specific question and related to a field (encoding, PRIMES!) where some special bots might search the internet for. Don't ask me who it is... but I guess everything that is connected to finding out the secret behind primes is worth it searching the internet. If you would know an algorithm, you could crack any existing encryption.

So just check the content you have posted. It is about what...

Just my two cents.