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PageSpeed Insights is low when i put adsense ads, when i removed it the site is fast. is there plugin to  (Gzip) increase speed site (i will pay for plugin or any solution to increase speed site)?


with adsense ads


without adsense ads

i use Widget Anywhere v1.4.1 بواسطة Scott Vivian for ads.

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Yeah, that seems to be a big impact!

There are no Gzip plugins.

My theme Polaris does a great job in performance and automatically optimizes scripts that you add to your header.

But here's a few points to consider when it comes to performance:

  • Make sure you're not overloading your website with scripts.
  • Append non-critical scripts to the bottom of your DOM instead of the head.
  • Lazy load your not-so-important CSS.
  • Minify your CSS and JS.
  • Use CDN services like cloudflare.
  • and so on...

I can't see the rest of the metrics from your image, but I'm pretty sure you're most likely adding the AdSense to the header of your website, thus it's creating a render block cascade. Hence why that big drop.

thank you so much, i'm used  .htaccess code to enable gzip and cloudflare but still low. I will try  Gzip is a server/hosting setting.