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Does anyone who has used the Spammer Checker plugin have any feedback about how effective it is and whether it has a low incidence of false positive results?

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It seems to me unreliable, but I don't know why.  It is rejecting some spammers, but is accepting others who have a long history at stopforumspam.  There seems to be a lot more spammer data at stopforumspam than at botscout.  I modified the code to allow botscout lookup (which was also much slower) to be turned off.  But that doesn't alter the problem of the plugin not blocking people who have been listed at stopforumspam for a year or more.

Anyone have any possible solution to this?
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I'm using ZB Block. It's GNU GPL licensed and easy to set up. I just put a 


in the top of /index.php.

When a spammer hits that he gets a warning page or a 503. It also blocks hack attempts, spambots, robot probes, and a long list of black hat types. The log it generates will probably surprise you.

However,  it is not the most elegant code. :)