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Hello all

Can we collect all working plugins in one place to make it easier for website owners to benefit from them and know what works and what does not?

A channel on Telegram or a website, or anything like that

What do you think of this idea?
Q2A version: 1.8.7
or even we can work with Q2a to update working plugins on the official page

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The Q2A Addons page already displays a list of available plugins.
Anybody can update that list or add new plugins by pushing commits to q2a.github.io .

Trying to branch it into different sources/different places with lists of plugins will only make things more confusing. Best to have it all in one place.

Now for the "know what works and what does not" part, we could create a badge to display before or in front of a plugin's name, something like this.

Could be something to consider.

That will be amazing
Thanks for your reply