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I have already try adding a link to the the class qa-logo but it didn't work.
Q2A version: 1.4
Why would you want to change the logo link? I think it uses the link to the root of your Q2A site that you define in the general admin tab.
Q&A is just a past of the site. I want the logo to link to the site home page and not the Q&A home page. Changing the address on the General tab didn't work. Thanks

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The best way (in my opinion) is creating a custom theme and replace the logo() function.

class qa_html_theme extends qa_html_theme_base

        function logo()
                '<DIV CLASS="qa-logo">
                <a href="/url/that/you/want"><img src="/images/yourlogo.png" /></a>


If you prefer to change qa's core, the logo is generated in qa-include/qa-page.php line 610 (version 1.5), but remember that this file will be replaced if you update the software version..

$qa_content['logo']='<A HREF="'.qa_path_html('').'" CLASS="qa-logo-link" ...

Thank you!

What I was missing on my custom them was replacing this:



<img src="/images/yourlogo.png" />

I tough the content logo was just the image.

Thanks again.