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I have noticed that many people post questions here, but they don't seem to provide enough information for a proper solution. It's important to understand that the developers trying to help can only do so much without specific details. Please value their time, effort, and support by providing as much detail as possible when asking questions. If a question doesn't give enough information, it may need to be closed. Creating guidelines for posting questions is also advisable.

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True. There's a few meta posts I've created to help new users navigate the community.
These are also mentioned in the Q2A docs > Services page.

When I close questions with low quality, usually I link them to the "How to ask a good question" post. But many ignore and do the same thing again for their next question.

Maybe it's too long of a read, maybe not everyone gets the information because English is not their first language, or maybe they just simply ignore it. Idk.

Other point is Accepting Answers. Recently I've stopped answering questions where Users have a low rate of accepting answers because if the person who asked the question can't bother to take 2 seconds to accept an answer, why should responders take their time to diagnose and formulate an answer to their problems.

Accepting an answer not only is a token of appreciation to say "thank you" , but also helps the community understand there's a solution for that problem, which is very useful for other people searching the website.
This also prevents the creation of duplicate questions, avoid "Did it work? " comments, and so on..

PS: I might change the community-meta tag to guidelines . Maybe it will be easier to find meta content.

Yes, I am aware of the meta posts. However, I wonder if all new users (or even old) have been through them or considered them.

I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the moderators and contributors who work hard to maintain Q2A as an outstanding Q&A platform. Every member should recognize their contributions and work together to make Q2A a better place and community.

On the Issue of Ignoring Guidelines:
To overcome language barriers, we can offer translations, visual aids, and video guides. Let me know if I can help.

On Accepting Answers:
Totally agree. Accepting answers is more than just saying "thank you." It streamlines the platform for others. Not selecting an answer shows disregard and a lack of concern for the community.

On Community Meta Tag Change Suggestion:
Changing the Meta Tag to "Guidelines" seems like a practical step. It's simple and could help new users.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you require any assistance.