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I posted a question here a few days ago and have since received two spam emails claiming my question had been answered (it has not), only to be spammed with advertisements and bogus links.

How do I get it to stop and how do I prevent it from happening to visitors to my site that post a question?

Here is the contents of the last email I received:

Your question on Question2Answer Q&A has been answered by asfghrtjrt:

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Your question was:

Any plans for better Wordpress integration

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probably we should remove the links in this question, since it seems to accomplish some of what the spammer was trying... makes one wonder if the poster is actually a spammer...
Yeah I always thought it was odd that Experts could edit answers but not questions...

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The email you received contained an answer that was posted on this site by a spammer. After it was posted I hid it, and this is why you can't now see it on this site. But the notification email had already gone out. Unfortunately there is no 100% secure system to counter spam, despite all the strategies that Q2A employs. So if you want to be sure never to receive an email notification of a spammy response to your question, edit the question and uncheck the notification box. Thanks.
The new filter modules in 1.5 will allow a plugin to selectively queue posts for moderation based on their content, or any other criterion.
I see there is a new approval mechanism in place here for comments :) is it just putting all comments in mod queue?

Heh.  Guess so, I just had to approve my own comment :)
Sorry - accidentally uploaded some code I was using for testing, which queued all comments for moderation. Should be fixed now.
well, it was a nice preview, anyway... an akismet plugin is not so far away from that...