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question2answer into my site but want to know if I can replace the link at the bottom of the site with my site's name?

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The license at the top of each source file states:

This software is licensed for use in websites which are connected to the public world wide web and which offer unrestricted access worldwide. It may also be freely modified for use on such websites, so long as a link to http://www.question2answer.org/ is displayed on each page.

So you can't replace the link, but you can certainly add your own alongside.
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After an extensive search, I could find only three php based, open source, specialized, Q&A scripts for Apache web server using MySQL:
1. Qanda: http://www.qandasystem.com/
2. Qwench: http://github.com/anantgarg/Qwench
3. Question2Answer

A comparison of the three scripts shows that:
a) Q2A has more features than the rest two
b) Q2A is most actively developed among the three- compare the release dates and the date of last commit!
c) Q2A has the best support system, if you need support, post it here, and you get an answer, mostly within a day.

As on date, Q2A is THE best in class, better than Qwench!
I agree with Katte!
Q2A is awesome software!
I think so too!