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Hi members

Is there any pluggin to send notification mail to admin whenever someone answer a question or post comment?

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Not that I know of, but you could easily make one; just create an event module to fire on c_post or a_post, then call :

qa_send_notification($userid, '@', $handle, $subject, $body, $subs);

The badge plugin is a good example to show how this could be done, since it has both an event module and a notification function (the latter in qa-plugin.php).

More on event modules here:

Thanks NoahY for a quick response.
yw.  don't forget to share the plugin if you make it :)
Sure... will share it.
I am a newbie....pls share the plugin if someone has made it already....i want comment to be notified to the admin by mail....urgent...plz plz
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Hi Neha,

You can try the Publish to Email plugin.  It lets you specify one or more email addresses to which to send new posts (plaintext & HTML supported).  In your case, if you just want answers and comments, you can configure that on the Admin form for the plugin.

See this post describing the plugin in more detail, or go straight to the GitHub page at http://github.com/atavakoli/qa-publish-to-email.

that plugin is throwing Version 1.6.3 it is throwing javascript error message....