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I added the 'define('QA_DB_RETRIEVE_QS_AS', 200);' line in 'qa-config.php'. After, I updated the "Length of Q&A page:" value to 100. But the number of questions on my homepage increased to 57. No matter how many times I set the 'Length of Q&A page' value, the number of questions on the homepage is 57 at the most.

When I do the same operations on my other q2a site, the maximum number of questions on the homepage is 72.

Why does this problem occur? What would you suggest for the solution?

Just an observation you might wanna have into consideration: I wouldn't recommend having such a big number of questions, specially at the homepage, as this is the main landing page users will land on, and google ranks the most. So it's preferable to have an agile front page.

Having such a big number of questions will increase the DOM size, which isn't ideal for website performance. Check out: - https://web.dev/dom-size/
You are right in theory. But I want to do some A/B testing. I will test if ad impression and question impression will increase.
Does "Length of Q&A page:1000" help?
define('QA_DB_RETRIEVE_QS_AS', 1000);
Length of Q&A page:100

It happens when you configure it as above. What I don't understand is why it didn't happen when we did "QA_DB_RETRIEVE_QS_AS', 200". Logically it should have worked.
QA_DB_RETRIEVE_QS_AS value should be for the questions and answers combined.

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