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While reading answers for a particular question, at some point in time as we scroll down trough the answers, the Original Post (question) will be out of visibility on the page.

So we need to go back and forth, scrolling up and down to analyze the content in the question while reading the answers or creating an answer.

So I created a free plugin to view the question in PIP mode, once the question is out of visibility.


What is PIP Mode?

The PIP (Picture in Picture) function separates the screen into two parts. One source device is displayed on the main screen at the same time the another source device is displayed in inset windows. (src)

Version 2.O :

1. Added PIP Box button for Answers too

2. Add By default option for user

Q2A version: 1.8
I know English isn't everybody's first language, or sometimes we have some difficulty in expressing our ideas. It took me a couple of reads to properly understand the post xD
But I've edited your question now for a better read. You can make adjustments as you like, or revert to the original post: https://jsfiddle.net/Lxp61ave/
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This is a great plugin. Looks cool. 

Making this folder the root one of git project would be better though: https://github.com/csemasthan/q2a_pip_mode_plugin/tree/main/Q2A_pip_mode_plugin

updated sir !