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“I do not possess consciousness, but I can mimic human behavior.” - Q2A 2024
Jan 2 by gold-developer
New theme, Polaris is now available:
Jul 13, 2022 by gold-developer
welcome back bro .
Dec 1, 2021 by SoualWjoab
Legacy theme is now available:
Sep 4, 2021 by gold-developer
Purchasing Gold-developer themes in Turkey is now possible via wise.com (the old transferwise.com) . If you're really interested in purchasing any of my themes, please send me a direct message and I'll provide you with the rest of the information you need to complete the purchase. Regards.
May 22, 2021 by gold-developer
New theme, Mobile X is now available:
Oct 6, 2020 by gold-developer
New theme, AVEN is now available:
Mar 20, 2020 by gold-developer
Frap is a very nice theme. But it is too expensive for my country. Should be more appropriate
Dec 12, 2019 by odevbul
New theme, Frapuchino is now available:
Nov 23, 2019 by gold-developer
hi, your theme is AMAZING!
Nov 5, 2019 by PUMPKIN

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