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Now I'm using namecheap shared hosting for my q2a site, but i want to migrate my q2a site to contabo vps server hosting.

How can i do that simply?
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Step 0 is having the new server ready to use, fulfilling all installation requirements. If you need support on that, then this is not the place to ask for it.

In order to set up Q2A, you should:

  1. Backup the database in your current server
  2. Import the database in your new server
  3. Move all files
  4. Reconfigure qa-config.php according to your new server settings
  5. Reconfigure .htaccess file, if needed, as well
  6. Update the site URL in admin/general, if it has changed
  7. Other needed updates to custom themes or plugins might be needed
If you're uploading blogs, you will have to update all posts that contain files or images stored in your server so that the URLs that point to the blob IDs match the new server.
You mean to say, i should export the database file and reinstall q2a im my vps with same settings and then import mysql db file into q2a??
What you're saying doesn't make much sense. Export the database INTO a file. Then import the database FROM that file. Q2A has nothing to do with that step