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The problem I have is related to the new theme. When I request the Snow theme, the problem will not disappear.  Can you help me

related to an answer for: [New Theme] - Legacy

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I'm assuming you probably haven't updated Question2Answer for a while now. That is a problem that was fixed a few versions ago. Both for Q2A, and also Legacy theme.

Download Q2A version 1.8.6 - latest versions 


I've noticed that something on your website is removing the  itemscope  tags from the  .qa-body-wrapper" .

This could be by moving or cloning this element trough JS, or rewriting it through PHP. So these tags are not being printed again in the DOM.

I've created a new external wrapper element, so whatever function that's pointing to the  .qa-body-wrapper  element won't be removing them anymore.

Check your email for update.

I have the latest version, see attached picture

I've edited my answer
In case anyone's wondering. It was indeed a Q2A update that was missing. This was solved trough email.
Plus, a new theme update was pushed for the older version. So this problem won't occur again.