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Hello all,

Recently we installed Question2Answer script on our website. We noticed that it offers feature of integrating with Wordpress. We followed the online documentation and integration was sucessful.

However, since we have done this integration, we noticed that if any changes are made to Question2answers on our website, it causes website not to respond. We have to restart mysql and webserver, and it will take a few minutes to restore website back to working mode.

Mysql queries do not show any significant queries (except sleeping one's) but this particular problem is for sure happening since we integrated it in our main website wordpress.

Please note, we already have memcache enabled in Question2answer admin section, but it does not help.

Anyway, I am now thinking of "dis-integrating" question2answer from our main website database.

What is the best way to preserve existing questions / answers while isolating question2answer to it's own database instead of having it sharing our Wordpress database (ofcourse without damaging our wordpress website).

Looking for some expert advise.

Q2A version: 1.8.6
"if any changes are made to Question2answers on our website, it causes website not to respond" so you decided to "dis-integrate question2answer from your main site".

Haven't you considered understanding the root cause of the issue?

I mean, if each time I turn on the TV, the fridge breaks, I'd try to figure out why it breaks, rather than just turning the fridge into a freezer and hope it doesn't break the next time I turn on the TV.

What do the server logs say?

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