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How to reinstall qa site?

I want to reinstall my qa site ,when i delete all my db table and enter my site ,it does not redirect to install page , it show error msg like bellow

Database query error 1146

Table 'zaizhyaq_xxx.qtoaoi_categorymetas' doesn't exist

SELECT categoryid, content
FROM qtoaoi_categorymetas
WHERE title='p2c_permission_level'

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2 Answers

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Table 'categorymetas' doesn't exist

Create this table on DB


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Just follow these steps:

1. Make sure tables are not there. Running a DROP TABLE statement does not mean the table will be removed as that could generate constraints violations. So drop the tables and check if they are there or not. Do not move to the next steps unless you have dropped all the tables

2. Remove all customs plugins

3. Remove corehacks (if any)

4. Retry the installation

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