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Okay, so using the Q2A voting system for polls turns out to be not the ideal solution... what happens is the person who posted the poll gets lots of points for all the people voting on their answers :)  So, here's the sort of poll plugin people were asking for, I think.  No promises, but it seems to work as expected, and is fully CSS configurable.  Here it is with some basic css and custom images for the vote buttons:

Of course, almost anything is possible with css; If someone has an idea for default css, suggestions are welcome.  So, what do you think?

Oh, and the source is at the same place, on github:


Stupendous ! (joking :))

Nice ! that's how i was imagine poll plugin. Later, when i try plugin i will report more.
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Can i get rid off this notice ? :)
It seems that we cannot edit the poll (when I click "Edit the question" I can edit only the question, not the poll, but when I "Ask the question" I can also create the poll)?
Dear, I am using your plugin on one of my site... but there's a problem

When registered user asked a question & add a poll in question, but when i approve the questions there's no poll.

but when i created a poll from my admin or super admin it works.

i setting permissions for create polls to registered user.

please help me out.


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Is it possible make Any user to vote just like any one can ask .  When i go to permission it vote permission is only for registered user only . And to ensure that one per can not vote multiple time we can use ip or system cache

Please help.
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update this please with a modern design \ chart
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The plugin works perfectly on version 1.8.6 But there are slight design issues. Voter bars look a little weird and go out of bounds via mobiles. The theme is FatSnowFlat. How can the design of the voting bars be changed?

Using css in plugin setup
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When I click on the options, the page crashes. How do I fix this problem?