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I just upgraded to 1.4.2 (thanks, Gideon - worked out a few plugin issues nicely); but I ran into the same problem I had initially installing q2a with a Wordpress Network:

Database query error 1146

Table 'wordpress.wp_8_users' doesn't exist

SELECT user_nicename, ID FROM wp_8_users WHERE ID IN (615,718,674,525,757,569)

The problem is it is using the $table_prefix variable, which points to the current blog (hence the 8_ after the prefix).  That table doesn't exist in a network install.  It would work if instead of calling

global $table_prefix;

we call:

global $wpdb;

and then insert:


in the two places with $table_prefix; this ensures that the table prefix is the base table prefix, not the current blog prefix.

Thanks - I'll take a look at this for Q2A 1.5.

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I just installed it on a wordpress-networksite, login/out and registration is only possible on the mainpage not via the QA-Links. Maybe what you explain is the answer to my problem, but i don't really know how to fix it :(

Do i need to chance the database or which file do i need to chance those variables?
I don't know what you mean... this fix is only meant to address the fatal error that doesn't even let you run the Q2A script if you are using WP network install.  If you are already able to visit your forum, your other problems have nothing to do with this problem, afaik.