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I want to pay user for their questions. I want to pay 1$ for first 10k question view. And 10$ for each 1k points. If users earn 100$. he can request for payment withdraw. After sending money to user's mobile ,payment request will be approved by admin. Again the approved payment withdraws will be shown in a page.

Also in the profile page, any user can see his balance.
Q2A version: 1.8.5
Hi @rupu123

I need this too and I'm willing to split the cost of development  with you
Payments are often dependent on the country of site. We are currently making one using Payumoney which unfortunately is restricted to India. Similar one can be made for PayPal though which is more Universally accepted.
but PayPal is not available in my country Bangladesh.
I need this plugin too. Could pupi maybe build it ???

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