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I am getting this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function qa_log_in_external_user() in /home/user/public_html/folder/sub-folder/qa-plugin/facebook-login/qa-facebook-login.php on line 78

I have enabled curl and setup the app on facebook...

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advanced

me 2. plz hlp
I need help on this... Can anyone help?
i also need a fix for this please someone help

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Maybe you are trying to use the facebook login with Wordpress integration?  WP integration doesn't load that function, I don't think, and facebook login wouldn't really work anyway.

Otherwise, I don't see how that function can be undefined.
Hi NoahY!

Thank you for your help! I am using Q&A integrated with wordpress. How can I solve this issue as I have plenty of question on my database? Can you point me a way?

There is no direct solution... since registration is controlled by wordpress, there isn't even a qa_users table to register users with, and it wouldn't be used even if there was.  What I do is use the wordpress janrain engage plugin to allow much more than facebook login.