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how do I use Q2A to develop a website? is there any tutorial blog or video?
What do you mean "develop a website?" Q2A is not a development tool. Are you asking how to set up Q2A on your webserver? If so, please check the installation instructions: https://docs.question2answer.org/install/

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You can use Question2answer.org script to develop a Question-Answering website like Quora, and this website also.

All you need to install the codes on your server and have some customization. You can look at the documentation at - https://docs.question2answer.org/install and also, here is an YouTube video (in Hindi language, but you can copy the steps): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHdJIFD8yDg

And for any types of help or assistance, ask here in this forum or message other fellow webmasters or are running a QnA website.
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Q2A (Question2Answer) is an open-source platform that allows you to create a question-and-answer website. To use Q2A to develop a website, you can follow these steps:

Choose a hosting provider: You will need a hosting provider to host your Q2A website. There are many hosting providers available, such as Bluehost, HostGator, and SiteGround.

Install Q2A: Once you have chosen a hosting provider, you can install Q2A on your website. Q2A provides detailed instructions on how to install the software on their website. You can also find tutorials on how to install Q2A on YouTube or other tutorial websites.

Customize your website: After installing Q2A, you can customize your website by changing the theme, adding plugins, and modifying the layout. Q2A has a plugin directory that you can use to add additional functionality to your website.

Add content: Once your website is set up, you can start adding content. You can create questions, answer questions, and moderate the content on your website.

There are many tutorial blogs and videos available online that can help you learn how to use Q2A. You can search for "Q2A tutorial" on YouTube or Google to find helpful resources. Q2A also has a user manual on its website that provides detailed instructions on how to use the software.

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