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This has been discussed before too. But to generate more interest in Q2A patches and to help the actual developers maintaining Q2A, Im proposing the following 

  1. For each major release like 1.9, Q2A users -- those having income, can propose some donations. 
  2. Scott can decide how to divide the amount among the patch submitters.
I propose to give 100$ from our Q2A site for 1.9 update. 
Q2A version: 1.8

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I would be happy to give a monthly donation to have a continued development of this script. Even making this script a paid one, would love to buy it as long as there's an assurance of continuous development.

This is really a nice script to get wasted.
The problem of assurance is no assurance is an assurance :)
I believe Q2A will be dead if it becomes paid. Otherwise any developer can fork it and ask money for maintenance.
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We can give $100 from our site https://mathsgee.com/qna  for 1.9 as well