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I forgot to activate anti-spam plugins and in 3 weeks, I have > 5000 spammers. I realize that most of them use emails other than Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or iCloud/Apple mails. They tend to use a bunch of spam domains.

So, how do I whitelist @gmail.com, icloud.com, @abcd.edu in my Q2A site while banning all other emails?
Allowing only whitelisted domains for registration would be counter-productive, since you would basically force your potential users to use particular email providers. To my knowledge there is no plugin that would implement this. The common approach is to blacklist known spammer domains.
I'm using a whitelist as it certainly controls spam well.
True. But whitelisting produces far too many false positives for my taste. YMMV.
Yes. But we can use wildcard too. I'm 90% happy with it :)

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You have to develop validation on your email feeding section. If users do not belong to a list of domains defined by you then you can restrict. It can be done through validation coding.
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I'm using AntiBot Captcha plugin with the latest q2a version.

it is working very well and has almost stopped spam registrations using bots. (I had 1000 to 2000 bots registrations each day!)

Just install it go to plugin settings increase the "Symbol count" to more than 6 and add some letters to "Character Set". (Characters are case sensitive)

Here is the link: https://github.com/pupi1985/q2a-kk-abc