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Am I able to remove the link for Powered by Question2Answer or make it have no link but still say powered by question2answer. I want to put Copyright © 2010 my name at the bottom.

oh and how do i know the person responding to my question actually created the question2answer or knows for sure the right answer cause I don't want to get sued or something for changing the platform and removing the link.

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The license in each source file in the Q2A download will answer this for you.
I don't see one. Whats the filename and what foler is it in?
It's at the top of every file. Here's the text in full:

This software is licensed for use in websites which are connected to the public world wide web and which offer unrestricted access worldwide. It may also be freely modified for use on such websites, so long as a link to http://www.question2answer.org/ is displayed on each page.
Thanks alot.