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It would have been more convenient to arrive on the question's page with the vie of the first answer isnt it?

Well it looks like that on soem website it's ok and on some toher it's not.

For instance on this one it's ok:


But on this one it's not because of the # at the end:


How can we remove the #number so that the link bring us at the top of the page?

Thanks a lot!

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This happens if the recent event on the home page is the question being answered instead of being asked, i.e. it's listed as "answered X ago" instead of "asked X ago". The link changes as appropriate.

In any event, if you want to change that, remove the following line from qa-app-format.php:


This will also affect other places where there are direct links to answers or comments on a question, rather than the top of the question page.
I thought this was an odd decision, because if you click a question title (that's formatted exactly the same whether it's 'asked' or 'answers') you expect to go to the question. Maybe you could create a slightly different style for linking to answers, like just showing the votes on the answer, or having a separate "View answer" link under the question link.
I hope to choose below by manager option.
 opt1: link to question (Default)
 opt2: link to question + "View answer"
 opt3: link to oldest(first) answer
 opt4: link to latest(last) answer

It is thought for UI elsewhere ...