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I encounter some problems when I scan my site via gtmetrix, this is one of them.

Although I add the following code to the .htaccess file, it does not improve.

How can I fix this problem?

Thanks to everyone in advance

Q2A version: 1.8.1
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Your website seems to be running on LiteSpeed. The directives in your htaccess file look like Apache directives. I'm not sure LiteSpeed can process those. Take a look here: https://www.litespeedtech.com/support/forum/threads/setting-expires-cache-control-headers-seems-buggy.15964/
The codes I add to htaccess only affect the local files, it does not, since it comes from a different server.

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The URLs in your picture are not from Q2A, they are from Google services (Adsense, Analytics etc). So there's nothing you can do about that.

It's not a problem, not everything must have a long cache time.
My goal was to make what Google wants. I fixed the problem by calling the ad codes after the page loads.

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