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Hi .... I want to create an established q2a site....I have a set of users from where I can get a decent traffic and activities ...I also know the techniques of handing and creating and organising the site.. The only problem is being a student I don't have enough money where I can buy and renew hosting every month. I don't want to go for free hosting as I have read articles that free hosting can take your site's down and also huge traffic may result in server errors and downtime.... So anyone has a solution ? Like a free hosting that can give assurance of keeping my site intact all the time or premium hosting which is giving free now or anything. Plz help me.... I have a vision but not able to do it without money....
have you a domain adress for your site?
Shared hosting is pretty cheap, like this https://www.hawkhost.com/shared-web-hosting you have to pay as low as 3 USD per month.

You can skip a few breakfast meals per month to maintain the project.

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