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Hi guys. I think this is a huge problem in Q2A sites - when the website get a lot of users, it gets a lot of problems from users spamming each other or worse.
Q2A version: 1.8.4
Really I appreciate this kind of fetchers
thats annoying kk

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Hi lipsmega,

I think JacksiroKe's Advanced Blocker Plugin might be useful for that; it says:

Blocked user can not view profile, wall or account of the person that blocked him/her

so blocked users can't send private messages to the one who blocked him.

esqeudero's PM Plus also has a similar feature:

Adds blocking/unblocking users from sending PM

These plugins also include other features that might or might not be useful; in any way, you can contact them to check how they work. They might be available for customization as well.

Unfortunately, I can't vouch for them; does somebody know if they're good for
this purpose? Your opinion is really important and might help lipsmega (and
other users as well) make a good decision.

Here are other suggestions:

  • If the project maintainer agrees with you on this topic, that feature might eventually be included in Q2A itself
  • Other community members have also worked on other anti-spam tools (see the Add-ons page), maybe they can give you a hand
  • Ask one of the service providers to help you on that (or send me a private message)

If you find a solution, please help other community members by sharing what it was.

I hope you find it useful. Have a nice day.

tnks! I think it shoulde be already in q2a core or as a native plugin. this is very important in any forum style website