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For example; username is; küçük...

web url is; /user/küçük...

But must be; /user/kucuk...

and latest,

/user/k%C3%BC%C3%A7%C3%BCk.. how i change to /user/kucuk ?

i'm using apache server...

There is an option "Remove accents from question URLs" but I'm guessing it doesn't work for users?

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I just tested this on the demo and no, the option "Remove accents from question URLs" doesn't remove accents. I don't think this will be possible because the username is the "key" to the page - i.e. the string "küçük" is looked up in the database, not a user ID. You'd need major changes in the code behind to do this.

Although it does look fine in Google Chrome, the URL shows as /user/küçük
Exactly. The problem is that the username is used as the reference to the actual user. (Although thinking about it, MySQL matches even if accents are different, so it might not be a problem to remove accents in URLs.)
Maybe it would be better to use a different URL structure, i.e. `/user/123/non-accent-name` which also removed punctuation etc. So "!küçük#~" would get changed to "kucuk".
Perhaps you're right, but the trouble is that this could break backwards compatibility with usernames that are themselves numbers. But if there's enough demand for the change, I think that wouldn't affect so many people.
I don't think the user pages on a Q&A site are of the utmost importance (in terms of stability and SEO) so breaking backward compatibility may not be a huge issue. Personally I think the advantages of having cleaner, simpler URLs outweighs that.