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Hello, I want to hide the answer form until the button is pressed. How can I do that?
Q2A version: 1.8.1

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Hello trundd,

You can head over to 'Admin' > 'Viewing', look for the setting 'Show answer form immediately:' and then select 'Never' in the drop-down list next to it.

Have a nice day!

Is it the theme you're referring to?
Yes, i am using this theme
Unfortunately, it doesn't work out of the box but, after skimming through the code, I found some files you might look at:

1- The 'onclick' attribute is removed here:
That's for showing/hiding the form (at least in a clean Q2A installation) in the front end.

2- The form container that needs to be shown/hidden is rendered here:
In a clean Q2A installation, a 'style="display: none"' would be added here. It hides the form until users click on the 'Answer' button.

It'd be nice if somebody else, who also uses this theme, could step in and give you a hand.
Yeah, it would be really good. I can hide the box but I have no idea how to activate it again
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I tried these steps for this problem; I gave "visibility:hidden" to the answer form, clicking the button specified in the javascript file "visibiliyt:visible;" I changed it to, but I can't find the "answer" button. The $form $columns was created in the form of. How can I fix this?

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