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SMTP worked fine before for my site but for some days it is not work at all. And so email confirmation and password reset is not being possible.

Hosting provider says " Their server is ok. This is site's script problem.

Now How can I solve this? I am a new user and not a programmer.
Q2A version: 1.8.3

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What you can do is check your server's firewall to ensure that the email port (maybe 587) is open.

Make sure your smtp login and password is correct, you find them in the q2a admin page.

Finally make sure you have installed php-mailer and sendmail on your server
I don't know them. YOU should know them.
I mean to say which name and password I have to use for this ..
You want to login as admin, so
Name: admin
But the password you must know
After doing that smtp is not working ..