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I've transferred my q2a and two other website from one host to another.

The other sites are working fine, but my q2a site isn't working, the index page is showing but other pages aren't working.


NB: I've transferred all files and imported databases correctly.

Now someone please help me, what can i do??
Q2A version: 1.8
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- Have you imported all plugins as well?

- Make sure JS files are also correctly pointing to the new domain, and not the old one. I see a couple of errors there being generated.

- SSL Links - Change files' URL path to HTTPS if you have an SSL Certificate or vice-versa (HTTP).
I've imported all files and plugins as well.
I'm also using my old Domain, now I'm not understanding how to change js files.
Please reply with specific clue.
Maybe you need to hire a developer from a site like Upwork?
i have checked your site and everything is working good  
what is your problem ?
You may not have correctly indicated that something, or you just have an internal error.