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Is it possible to allow users to add new tags to their answers or comments?

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I think this would technically be possible - not by deault though, you'll have to do it all yourself.

All questions, answers and comments use the same table, qa_posts, so you could fill in the tag field for answers as well. You'd need to add the field to the appropriate forms, and probably create a plugin to add the tags when the answer is submitted. And then some theme code to display the tags.

Check out the docs on the main site for more info on how to make plugins etc.
Great, thank you. I glad it's possible. Tags are a big thing for google.
In fact I am in the progress of creating add-on that dynamically creates a separate subdomain for each tag.
Whoa... a separate subdomain? I don't think tags are really so important to create complete subdomains for them. To be honest I'm not sure adding tags to an answer is particularly useful: they aren't likely to be much (if at all) different from the question tags. And do you need to find answers via tags?
To give a bit of a background about me: I am full time ecommerce WEB app developer with pretty big SEO experience. I really love the way your software is built - from both SEO standpoint and from extensibility side. Tags helps google to categorize content and rank it as well. Placing aggregated /tag/ content on a separate page gives such page extra bit of organic boost. Placing highly optimized, ever self-updating, constantly fresh "tagged" content on a page in a separate subdomain gives site owner extra listings on SERPs for a very relevant terms, because google considers subdomains as a separate websites.
Hence my idea to auto-create subdomain per tag.
PS: Sometimes answers steers to interesting new thematic directions and having an ability to tag answers with new tags enhances Q/A site's SEO.