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I got tired of using the SnowFlat theme a theme that has not been updated since 2014 and that no longer meet the new standards of design so I was very excited to test the Lion theme, unfortunately the selling point "WPA ready" turned out to be wrong.

There is no service worker neither support for web notifications?

What good is it to do all this work so as not to have total support ?

There is no roadmap and all for an exorbitant price !

At such a price I can afford the theme "Disky" for wordpress which is incomparable in terms of function and appearance with any theme available for Q2A, unfortunately migration is not an option for me.

I hope the progress of the project will be faster with more commitment

Thank you
Q2A version: 1.8.3
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You complained in The feedback o q2amarket?
We all use the themes mostly that he does.  I think you should understand the channels a bit.  I recommend you put the topic there.  I have not observed any topic in months.
I am looking for a good mobile theme, that will not trigger google mobile test errors.  Is the Lion theme good?
I think that Muffin 2.3 theme is the best theme avaibable for Q2A !

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First, thanks for subscribing to the Lion theme, and I appreciate your feedback.

I am not sure what problem exactly you are having with the Lion theme. Since it is a theme and not a Q2A system itself, however, it provides some additional features, and we still keep working on it to improve by adding new features, so it is just matter of time.

I want to draw your attention that you need to do the required settings for Lion theme to work and looks appropriately.

About comparing theme with WordPress, but both are a different platform has different architecture, design, and API. It is useless to compare both.

Q2A Market provides Lion theme with lowest and affordable price that starts from USD 3.25 per month. I think it is accessible for everyone who wants to beautify their Q2A website with mobile support and App look.

We have a support area for our subscriber, and you should post your feedback, query, or support request their to get any help from Q2A Market. However, this is a community platform, and you may not get the right solution related to the Q2A Market products.

I have taken your feedback positively and will try to improve Lion theme up to your expectations.
I explained my problem but apparently you refuse to answer it clearly so I reformulate.
In the page of presentation of the theme it is written "WPA ready" and that is not true. It's missing a "Service Worker" you should know what I'm talking about.
For the comparison with Wordpress, it's true that it's not the same platform but what is revolting is that a platform that is dedicated to blogging in the foreground is doing better than a Q & A platfrom.
You enjoy a monopoly of Q2A theme creaction so yes you can believe that the price is justified because there is no competition but as I said compared to what can propose a theme like Disky available on themeforest the price is totally abused.
that's not to mention the fact that the last update is from January.
I hope that the rate of development of the Lion theme will be more accelerated.
Thank you for the quick support.
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I invite you to see the 2018 roadmap that you posted


We are in August 2019

We can clearly say that it did not go too far