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Under the GDPR i should be able to delete my account but i cant find any place where i can delete my own account
Well, at the moment only administrators can delete user accounts:
(1) They visit user's profile
(2) Block the account by clicking on the button "Block User"
(3) Finally the button "Delete User" will show up and they click it to delete that account

That is, users have to ask website administrators to delete their account.

On the other hand, It's possible to let users delete their account; I mean, I've added that feature to a brand-new Q2A website, but it takes a whole bunch of customization either as a
plug-in or as core modifications.

The bottom line is each live Q2A website has somewhat diverged from what the Q2A platform currently offers and, in this case, this feature has to be implemented differently for each one of them.

Here's a discussion about letting users delete their accounts
Thanks Jair.

Sadly this seems to be an issue with European laws and the right to be erased / forgotten etc ..

Especially when it comes to companies using it .. Something i think will create issues in the future for companies ...

I hope the team can add a feature for that and follow the GDPR

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