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In the admin panel there is a check box that allows us to upload pdf file. The problem is I don't how to do it. I tried to upload using the image and flash button but it didn't work. Any body know how to do this

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My solution.

I don't use the FLASH button. Instead, I use link button.
(The file can be up-loaded also with the link button)
But ... Because the Content-Type of PDF was not processed, I modified the program a little.
Add 3 lines in qa-include/qa-blob.php (L65).
case 'pdf':
  header('Content-Type: application/pdf');


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HI there

That exactly what i want to do.I want o upload pdf files.But i don't know how to do that.I have tried to do that using a PDF processing tool.But it still can not work.I just want to know that if there is any powerful pdf tool which supports to do that directly.Thanks a lot

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