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The tag which I put for question not showing content.

it is there in tags and also it is on question too but when I click this tag it does not show anything.Some tags are doing this not all.Even if I remove question and with all tag and rewrite again.I tried all plugin disabled not worked.

Q2A version: 1.8.3

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This could happen if the tags relationship in the ^posttags table gets desynchronized with the denormalized tags field in the question. This could happen exceptionally if there is an issue while running a SQL query. If this becomes frequent, then most likely you have a plugin messing with the tags.

Anyway, you should be able to fix all issues by just navigating to admin/stats and clicking on the Reindex content button. Let me know if that fixes the issue.

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Thanks for answering.I already did that reindexing but didnt fix it.

I'm using plugins which in pictures; 

Do you think what plugin makes problem Pupi1985

also I want to ask Im using Q2A 1.8.3. and for now there is no problem with them.Do you think that I have to use them still because many of them not updated and still working withjout problem.

Thanks a lot.

Are you sure you have:
1. Removed all custom plugins
2. Reindexed content
Yes , I actually remove all and tried like this but nothing happen for fixing
With the information I have it is not possible to help any further :( That issue (the one in which you have a question with a given tag and clicking on the tag shows no question) does not happen to me. I have to assume it doesn't happen to other users as they would have already complained by now.

I still think there is some issue with a custom plugin. The core does not have that issue.

Regarding the missing accents in tags, that's fine. The core strips them and normalizes the tags
I will check steps again. No problem because Im working on localhost for now.
Thank you for your helping.
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That is issue what found. If I remove content at all I cant use this tag again.Always makes problem.

SOLVED: I Worked on localhost because of that it didnot work.So on web hosting it works properly.