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Hi guys like I said I love q2a to use but I think there are some problems.That is why I dont want to use it.

If anyone solved these problems please tell how.

it is about  accents for tags and categories. When I want to use ê , î , û in category , tags

At least I want to solve this for seo.
Q2A version: 1.8*
Please be more descriptive of the problem. What did you do? What happened? What did you expect to happen?
Thanks a lot for answering Scott ,
I used to on my one site than I relaised that q2a is not seo friendly.
When for Tags , Categories and Urls it is not suitable.
In my language there are accents like û , ê , î but when you write as a tag it happens something different.That is not good for seo
Here example but no answer

Also today I found another problem for username.When you want to take a name with space
for example "Im Scott" in url /Im+Scott if you want to take this name "ImScott" Than you can take too.So why developers dont make this normal like "Im Scott" will be "im-scott" that is has to be simple doing this .

Thanks a lot again.

Edited: I found solution for category and post url. But still have tags and username issue.

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