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how can show on homepage (index) only followed users post? and disable all posts without followed users, the same with facebook , if you follow someone you can see posts from this users... its posible ?

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possible. You will need to modify the function qa_db_qs_selectspec at db/selects.php.
thanks for reply, but i dont now how can modify this code  if you have a code to post here ..:D
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You can add this to your qa-config.php:

    'updates' => '',

That will set the 'updates' page as the homepage. This includes all updates - users or questions or tags you've favorited, and replies to your own posts.

However, there is no way to prevent people from viewing other questions. It's just not something Q2A is designed to do.

Agree. But this can be done by overriding select_basic function albeit with minor core hacks.
you have the hack code? :D  and thanks for reply Scott!