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As I know in posts table only the last lasted by information is stored and all histihiof edits are not maintained. Is there someway this can be added in core?
Q2A version: 1.8
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Why does it have to be added to the core and not as a plugin?

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I don't think this should be added to the core. Not all sites need it and it requires some additional processing of posts when performing actions on them.

The core should provide the means for plugin developers to actually be able to implement this. That's the idea of the core. And, in fact, it actually provides this feature. Furthermore, a plugin has already been implemented https://github.com/svivian/q2a-edit-history. So the feature itself is present not exactly where you want it.

I haven't seen this in SO (except for the review history). Furthermore, the current edited by in SO also shows the last edited person, just like Q2A.

Regarding changing the algorithm to the maximum edit is something that probably you could find useful but I (and SO) don't think it makes sense for the core (or the theme, as you mentioned again in your comment). Apart from the feature itself, implementing that logic would require to count the amount of edits that EACH user will have in EACH post. So that means even more processing.

Regarding the "other problem" which is showing the "selected by" replacing the last edit, I don't think that is a "problem". I'm perfectly fine with that: it makes sense and is efficient. If you want history, you can leverage the event module for that.

Anyway, it is quite suitable for a plugin. In fact, I'm currently working in something somehow related to that (tracking amount of approves, rejects and edits per user). So in a separate page I display the post metadata and, as another metadata line, I show the "approved/rejected/edited by" line. Unless the theme is a mess you can do that with a layer.
Thank you Pupi for the clarification. So I would do all these in the plugin only.

In the last paragraph are you telling about - Edit approvals which is not there in Q2A at present? If so I would like to have that as well :)
No, it is just approve and rejects of posts. The important thing there was the idea of showing, apart from an "asked by" or "edited by", also a "rejected by", for example.
oh okay. Very nice feature for a well moderated community. Can substitute the "Admin Activity" feature of FB groups.