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where is located edited by... info in qa post? , i want change design on this location but i dont now where is located edited info, in what file can remove this information?

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It comes from this function: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/blob/dev/qa-include/qa-theme-base.php#L1909

if you want to remove this information you could try commenting this line: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/blob/dev/qa-include/qa-theme-base.php#L1894

since we call the `post_avatar_meta` function inside the function ` q_view `.
thanks for reply, but i want know where is located in qa-themes.php because i dont find here, i want to show this on my domain: 9csg.com  is QA modified script ..i want show last update but i dont now where is this code in qa-theme.php
this is my code from theme: https://9csg.com/test.txt
is diferent by qa because i maked some custom work in this qa script, but after finis working i see this option not working  - EDITED BY: i like to have this but i dont find where is located , if i try original qa-theme file on this theme function ,but in my theme code linked to you not function, i think i miss something ... ! thanks for try to help me .
Did you tried adding
$this->post_avatar_meta($q_view, 'qa-q-view');
$this->output('<DIV CLASS="app-q-view-main">');   
yes but is showing only avatar... thanks for reply.