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I am using 1.74 and I get a lot of spam registrations. Recaptcha and IP limits are there but all the spammers use different IPs and solve recaptcha and logical captcha. Then I added another registration field and then I noticed that all these spam registrations use same info on the added registration field. So it appears that a single spammer is registering profiles. I suspect this is done with an SEO link building software such as GSA search engine ranker which can employ human-based captcha solving services such as deathbycaptcha. Is there way to restrict the user registration if a specific answer is given to an extra field (as in my case)?
Q2A version: 1.7.4
Well yes, a ln event module listening to u_register event can do this. I'm also trying to find a better solution to this.
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I am having almost zero spam. Spammers will always try to put links or they use domain names. So send posts with links to moderation. And also get notified when someone is using .com .net etc by using q2apro's stop spam plugin.

The most effective thing is to disable copy/paste and drag drop in text fields along with a minimum character count. No spammer will try to write long contents as it will go to moderation and get deleted eventually.

Google recaptcha should be set as moderate. Not the easy one.

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