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anyone tried making question2answer a codeigniter plugin so that it can be easily used from within existing CI applications?

any experiences you can share?


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Why would you need to do that? Q2A is a standalone application/framework that would gain no benefit from Code Igniter integration. If you have some users already set up through a CI plugin etc you can integrate them with Q2A using single sign on.

Q2A does work perfectly fine alongside a CI install - that's what I do on my site. You just need to edit your htaccess to add "qa" (or whatever your q2a folder is called) to the list of folders ignored by CI.
thanks for your answer. We already built the SSO integration and it works well. Main reason for wanting to have Q2A as a plugin would be to allow for easier integration with the rest of the functionality of our main app. E.g. header and footer are quite complex and personalized so we would not want to rebuild the same business logic twice if we can avoid it.
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hi webgr and scott

i am trying ci sessions(codeigniter)  for this and user table has not userlevels and publicusername fields , and i also i have wordpress blog ,is it possible to do sso for all of theses three parts.
i am confusing with get data from sessions and user data from CI to Q2A ,have you any techinical ideas for it.for solve this.