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How to hide ?

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To do that you have to modify your theme with the code below:

public function post_meta_who($post, $class)


if ($this->template == 'qa') return; //hide who posted in question list only

if (isset($post['who'])) {

$this->output('<span class="' . $class . '-who">');

if (strlen(@$post['who']['prefix']))

$this->output('<span class="' . $class . '-who-pad">' . $post['who']['prefix'] . '</span>');

if (isset($post['who']['data']))

$this->output('<span class="' . $class . '-who-data">' . $post['who']['data'] . '</span>');

if (isset($post['who']['title']))

$this->output('<span class="' . $class . '-who-title">' . $post['who']['title'] . '</span>');

if (isset($post['who']['points'])) {

$post['who']['points']['prefix'] = '(' . $post['who']['points']['prefix'];

$post['who']['points']['suffix'] .= ')';

$this->output_split($post['who']['points'], $class . '-who-points');


if (strlen(@$post['who']['suffix']))

$this->output('<span class="' . $class . '-who-pad">' . $post['who']['suffix'] . '</span>');




Go to your default theme directory and paste the code above in the qa-theme.php file. Good luck with that!

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