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Hello there!

Please compare these two screenshots:

This one is on my installation.

And this is a view of Profile on this Site.

So The Question is: Where is a one half of user Profile on my Q2A? Where is my Wall etc.?

Q2A version: 1.8.0
can you share or PM me url of this site.
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Hello! It has been shared in my profile from the beginning.
But I already made all links to main Profile (main site).

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When you configure external users you don't see that part of the profile as the user information is not handled by Q2A.

Related answer: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/59868/left-side-of-the-user-profile-is-missing?show=59868#q59868
Thank you!

I read many info from MySQL DB of other site for single sign-on.
So why do not show "host's" profile info in "slave" profile? :)
Q2A has profile info. As external users means you handle users outside your Q2A site, then it is not possible to assume profile information even exists
why can't we use wp_users and wp_usermeta tables directly ? from qa..user....php ?
wp_users is some WordPress users table? If that is the case, then the core can't assume you will be using WP. You could be using another platform to handle users.

If you want to change it in your installation, just go ahead :)
@pupi1985 yeah i got it :3 well you're already using wp fonctionnality wp-load.php ..
?> uh u.u my problem is the same half profile so what can i do to view it properly? and sorry for taking some of your time )