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Hi guys. Id like users can submit only question and tags, without content. How can I disable content field when submit or update a post? what files I have to look?

tnks! q2a is an amazing project!
Q2A version: 1.7

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Well, Q2A is quite prepared to handle the content of the questions everywhere. So most likely you will have to hide everything by CSS if you don't want to seriously change the core:

In admin/posting set

  • Default editor for questions: Basic Editor
  • Minimum length of question body: 0

In admin/layout set

  • Custom HTML in <head> section of every page:

#content, #q_content {
    display: none;

Whenever a piece of text is not relevant replace it with a blank string (e.g.: "More information for the question:" is used as a title for the content field)

Tnks a lot pupi! Ill try it.

I'm trying to make a website like quora in my language/country. Questions in quora dont have content right?
Sorry, I don't know Quora, I just know Q2A :)
lol.. its a popular english q2a website. I wish that in my website users can only submit questions with tags (without content).
Ok... but isn't that exactly what my suggested approach does?
Yes, it is and it worked well. But it hide the answers content in moderation page too :(