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I want to find the pages with little content.  Is there a way to find pages where the question+answer+comments is less than a certain number of words, ie 100?

Even better I'd like to sort questions by the amount of their content.  Is there a way to do it?
Q2A version: 1.8 beta

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In Phpmyadmin: 

SELECT * FROM `qa_posts` WHERE length(content) < 100


I tried it and here is the problem with this solution:
a )  I think it counts characters and not words.  But I can deal with this (by increasing the number to say 1000).
b ) It checks the number of characters of each post (question OR answer OR even a small comment).  What I want is to check the content size of the entire THREAD, ie question + answers + comments on one page.

Maybe if there was a way to combine the records with same parentid and count their total content with the content of the record with the same postid?