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I know there are no widget placement settings in the user profile in Q2A as of now. But showing the latest questions, answers and tags which the user used would automatically increase the aesthetics of user profile. Moreover, we promote user to share his profile on social media to showcase his reputation on the website but there is literally nothing to show other than some personal data and activity numbers. Users have to click on All questions, All Answers in his profile to see them but what if some of those are shown on directly to the profile page?

Here's what SO is doing and how about doing some of this for Q2A user profile as well?

I know that there's a plugin by @pupi1985 which helps you add a beautiful graph in the profile but, apart from that what do you think about other things? Please share your ideas on this.

Would the widget anywhere plugin help?

But I agree, would be nice to have more options.
I would be especially interested to have a option for users to set a personal RSS (for blogs or Movim etc.) or Twitter feed.
A option to add chat handles (XMPP, Matrix, Whatsapp etc.) could also be nice.
Widget anywhere plugin does not add widgets in the user profile. Moreover, you cannot add php widgets using that plugin. But making some new widgets (plugins) specifically for user profile would certainly make the difference (eg: to show latest 5 questions by the user).
@Gurjyot Singh, very nice idea, I liked. I will share my ideas on this soon. thanks!

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